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Three dots or an Ellipsis is used quite widely in grammar and other areas. I wanted to use the name 3dots as this is used to indicate more coming in software development. Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say on the subject

Ellipses are often used in an operating system‘s taskbars or web browser tabs to indicate that a user interface string is longer than what can fit in the screen. Hovering the cursor over the tab often displays a tooltip of the full title. When many programs are open, or during a “tab explosion” in web browsing, the tabs may be reduced in size so much that no characters from the actual titles show, and ellipses take up all the space besides the program icon or favicon.

In many user interface guidelines, a “…” after the name of a command implies that the user will need to provide further information, for example in a subsequent dialog box, before the action can be completed. A typical example is the Save As… command, which after being clicked will usually require the user to enter a filename, as opposed to Save where the file will usually be saved under its existing name.

An ellipsis character after a status message signifies that an operation is in progress and may take some time, as in “Downloading updates…”.

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