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About us

Hi and thank you for taking the time to check out my site. My name is Kristinn Tyr Gunnarsson and am the owner of, for further information about me please see my online bio (cv).
The site name comes from the terminology in software development where three dots … should indicate further information needed or submenus. I distinctively remember my first developer instructor who Said in a very drill Sargent manner. If you create menus with submenus there better be three dots on those menus or I will have issues with you. Well, it did the trick, this bit of information as defiantly stayed with me.
In essence, the name of the site represents that more is coming and you should expect more information from this site. As my slogan indicates “Connecting the Dots” that this is primarily a blog with information that might be of value for others and there for connecting the dots for others as well.

The topics can be quite various but all of them come from the computer industry and primarily from some sort of development. I do work with SQL Server and C# development on daily bases and there for it would come as no surprise that my blogs are in most cases on those subjects.
With that being said I personally use blogging when learning new techniques or documenting issues that I know many others can benefit from.
I do hope you find that I am able to answer some of your questions with my blogs and I will try to the best of my abilities to provide code samples when possible. If there are any questions, request or complaints please feel free to either submit a review on the thread or send me an email to