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Elvis Operator or Null-Conditional Operator is a new operator that comes with C# 6.0.
The official name is Null-Conditional Operator but this operator was from the start called the Elvis Operator because the combination kind of looks like elvis’s hair sticking out from the eyes on the top.  ?.

This Operator as the name suggests performs null checking before continuing on, thus saving us from other null checking or do a try catch for a NullReferenceException.
The way it works is that a check for null is made before proceeding to the next property after the Elvis Operator.
In the line MyObject?.MyProperty the MyProperty will not throw a NullReferenceException if MyObject is Null. It will simply never be called.

Sample. (note that the samples should not make sense programmatically , more theoretically)

In the sample below we can clearly see how much code this small operator saves us when working with events.  The Invoke part of rising the event is not fired unless the event MyEvent is not null.
There for we do not need to create a tmpEvent variable and null check that before proceeding.


This new feature is just fantastic a does save us coders some time and let us face it will make some ugly routines not so ugly anymore.
I have been adding this into my code as I go along, but this is a feature that I will slowly add to all of my code, not something I will be spend time replacing everywhere.

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